Hockey Evaluations And My Real Estate Blog’s Humble Beginnings


“Dad, what if my best just isn’t good enough?”

I recently had this conversation with my eleven-year-old who is on the cusp of entering Peewee hockey this year. Every September he has to “do his best” as part of the often tenuous process of being placed on his hockey team. Every year, try as I might, I attempt to guide and support him while endeavoring to keep my influence in check.   Because of our conversation I knew he was struggling with finding his confidence while facing fears of not reaching his goals.

My conversation with him got me thinking about my own business and the goals I have set personally and professionally. It got me contemplating my strengths and weaknesses and decisions I was making (or not making) that were holding me back. Although I wasn’t investing much time in the realm of social media I knew becoming more astute in this area was a major part of my business plan. However, I always had a mountain of reasons and excuses for why I did not proceed.   Other than the enormous time commitment I worried I might alienate friends, associates and real estate investors through failing to provide meaningful resources, articles or insights going forward.   (We all have at least one person we have “unfollowed” on social media for this reason, right!?)

Fast-forward to today and I credit my son’s courage for the inspiration to launch my first-ever Real Estate Blog entry. If you give me your time I promise to share my insights on Calgary’s Real Estate Market and will provide current and accurate information on a variety of related areas for those interested in real estate. Additionally, I plan to be accessible and available to answer your questions and to respond to your comments and feedback. My end goal is to raise everyone’s real estate knowledge and confidence and I will use your suggestions and input to guide me along the way!

As for my conversation with my son, I hope he knows doing his best is always enough. Every year, staying true to the values of friendship, team work, hard work and practice has helped him get close to his goals and build him as a person even when he thought he had failed.  This kid has taught me a lot in his eleven years!


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