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10 Ingenious Ways to Maximize your Kitchen Space

A functional kitchen has plenty of storage and counter space.  Whether you are planning a kitchen renovation, or trying to organize your kitchen , here my favourite ideas for your kitchen.

  1. The pop-up outlet

Who couldn’t use extra outlets that can also be hidden away when not in use?

2.  Toe Kick Drawers

These are a great addition to any kitchen and for items you may not use every day, such as, pans, extra table cloths or placemats.


3.  DIY Spice/Package Rack

Here is a simple, accessible and inexpensive way to store spices or packages that typically clutter your pantry.

4.  Under Cabinet Drawers

Seriously, who couldn’t use one of these drawers to organize their knives

5.  Pull Out Pantry

You can’t go wrong by adding more space for small pantry items.

6.  Hooks

Another easy and inexpensive way to organize kitchen items that usually get lost in your drawers.

7.  Magazine Holders

Love this idea!  Can be used in campers or small kitchens where space is a premium.

8. Hidden Small Appliance Cupboard

This is on the top of my list for a future kitchen reno.

9.  Pull Out Table or Countertops

There are so many creative ideas online that will help you design a functional kitchen.  Check out this stow away countertop.

10.  Fold Away Bar Stools

If you want a kitchen island with bar stools for entertaining but have limited space here is a solution  to your problem.


As you can see,  regardless of your budget or the size of your kitchen, there are design solutions available to organize and maximize your space. And most of your answers can be found both online and with a little creative planning.


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